MU Exposed!

“His eyes just melt me on the spot! Plus he gave me chocolates for my birthday. Isn’t he so thoughtful and sweet?” she thought.

“Well, she’s pretty and so excited with the gift. Kind and sweet girl. I think I like her.” He thought.

“I feel something special for him; he probably feels the same for me. It must be us. It must really be us.” She concluded.

MU a.k.a. Mutual Understanding. Same feelings for each other. Feelings keep rushing and it’s so good that you wish it won’t stop. Well, you wish.

MU is everywhere and you can’t just get enough of it. It’s pretty viral. Symptoms are dreamy-eyed young people floating in the air thinking MU must be love. Well, MU is not love. The fact that “mutual” has “mute” for its root word proves that it isn’t love. Love is expressed in balance through words and actions. Love is not mute.

When you are in a mutual understanding, you don’t usually utter words to confirm what you understand. You just assume that what you think is what the other person thinks. Surprise, surprise, we are not mind readers! Just because you think it is, doesn’t really mean it really is! And that’s dangerous.

Imagine you’re driving a car and your ka-MU is your passenger. There is MU so you assume your passenger wants to go where you want to go. You start driving to Baguio. But your passenger is thinking otherwise. He/she wants to go to Tagaytay. You both assumed you agree where you’re going so there is no need for words to confirm the understanding.

He thought, she thought. All in your thoughts and in the end you quarrel because you find out you were not thinking the same things. Where did all the feelings go?

See here, MU is dangerous because there is no certainty, no direction, and above all no smooth communication flow. It is selfish and cares not for the welfare of the other. You think that they would think like you do; feel the way you feel.

In the little thought exchange above, girl and boy assume in their thoughts that they like each other. Their thoughts are justified by the acts of kindness and sweetness to each other. But do kindness, sweetness and thoughtfulness equate love? Just because something feels so right, could it really mean love? If all your answers are yes, please reconsider because you’re headed the wrong and very dangerous highway.

Love is not just the “good feelings.” Love requires commitment. It speaks, it acts and it confirms.

Have you ever fallen in love? Was it really love? Or was it just a trip to the dangerous highway of MU?

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