Modern Day Prince

What would it take to challenge the men of today to step up and be different?

I guess we should start with asking what a woman, whose life is surrendered to God, want for a future husband. Eric Ludy said that a true modern day prince would be inspired with the words of his princess. A Christian woman sees a lot of men who go to church yet don’t carry the aroma of Christ in him. If you are a guy and you want to be married to a woman who’s life is set apart for God, then be aware of what kind of man she wants to marry.

She prays for a leader. She doesn’t look for someone who is perfect but she looks at the direction of his life. She wants a man who wouldn’t steal her heart from her First Love but rather lead her on to the right direction towards Him.

She prays for a hard working man. She wants someone who is willing to sacrifice a comfortable life for the sake of bringing the Good News to others. She wants a busy man who would stay up late at night if needed so he can finish any task that the Lord has called him up to do.

She wants a man who also works hard to take care of the family.

She prays for a man who knows his priorities in life and is committed to it.

She doesn’t want her man to make her, his number one priority in life. If God is not number one in his life then she thinks that he is not worth the wait. A man who puts God first knows where to direct his future family in terms of living a life worthy of the Kingdom.

She prays for a man who Fears the Lord and obeys His commands. Obedience is seen in the way he lives his life and not only on what comes out of his mouth.

She looks at how he treats others not only in her presence but also in her absence.

She believes that if a man has a great love for the Lord, she would also be loved just as Christ loved the church.

She prays for a man who knows his role as a man and who understands that women are wired differently.

She want to be pursued and rescued and not the other way around.

She wants a guy who would be patient enough to listen to her when they talk.

She wants a man who treats her as an equal and does not look down on her as inferior.

She may be too emotional at times and that’s why Peter said that men should be more understanding of women.

She embraced God’s design and it would be a harmonious and exciting adventure if a man knows that he is dealing with a woman who has high hopes on him.

She prays for a respectable man whom others respect not because he is powerful and authoritative, but because of the choices he makes in his life that deserves respect.

She wants a man whose mere presence encourages her to cultivate a deeper intimacy with God.

She prays for a man who has an eternal perspective. A man who knows that his life on earth is temporary and thus, finds his security in the arms of God.

Knowing his role as a citizen of God’s kingdom, he would not invest on the things of this world but on those that matter in eternity according to what the Lord has given him.

She prays for a man who would have the courage to let her know that she is only number two in his life because God is and will always be number one in his life no matter what. With this in mind, he shouldn’t forget that women want to be loved as well. That’s why they also want a man who has a deep understanding of the meaning of love.

I pray this would encourage men of all ages to think about their lives and what a woman of God is praying for if God will allow her to marry.

Get busy in doing what God has called you to do not only because she won’t get attracted to a guy who is more concerned with finding a mate than working hard for the sake of others, but more importantly because this is what God asks of you.

P.S. Don’t try to do these things just to get a girl to like you. She won’t be flattered at all.

– Miss Anonymous

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