Ika’y lumapit at lalong kumapit!

Passage: Judges 20 : 18 – 35
Who believe that in every worse situations, yun yung best time para lalo tayong lumalim and kumapit kay God? In this passage, in this story, dito natin makikita kung ano yung ginawa ng mga Israelites nung time na hinamon nila ang mga Benjamites. And during those time ang battle worse na sa kanila. Kasi hindi nila alam kung mananalo ba sila, kung ilan ang mamamatay sa kanila.

I will share to you these three things how the Israelites won the battle:

1. Inquire
First INQUIRE. In verse 18, dito natin makikita na unang pagsugod pa lang nila, they inquired God first. Bago sila sumabak they inquire Him first. “Who of us shall go first to fight against the Benjamites?” [sabi] and God answered, “Judah shall go first.” And the Israelites just do what God told them to do. In our worse situations, we really need to seek God’s guidance in order for us to have a perfect response.

2. Encourage
Back to the story, nung natalo yung mga Israelites hindi sila na-discourage, but instead they encouraged one another and went up and wept before the Lord until evening, and still they inquired God for the second time. Tinanong parin nila si God, kahit pinatalo sila nung una at higit sa lahat, THEY ENCOURAGED ONE ANOTHER. The second is ENCOURAGED. Encourage means to give support, confidence or hope to. In our worse situations we really need people who will support us. Kasi dun tayo lalakas. And the best part is binigay na ni God yung mga taong yun. Yung leader natin, yung mga kapatid natin sa cell. And those are the people na talagang makakapag-encourage satin kasi iisa lang yung battle natin. Iisa lang yung nilalabanan natin.

3. Having a deeper intimacy with God
In verse 24 to 25 lumaban ulit yung mga Israelites sa mga Benjamites and natalo sila for the second time. At verse 26, the Israelites, went up to Bethel, and there they sat weeping before the LORD. They fasted that day until evening and presented burnt offerings and fellowship offerings to the LORD. Dito makikita natin na everytime na natatalo yung mga Israelites lalong lumalalim yung mga ginagawa nila for God. Una, tinanong lang nila, sunod they wept before the Lord ‘till evening and yung pangatlo nag-fast na sila and nag-offering. Wow. Lalo silang lumalim. And that is the third one. Having a deeper intimacy with God. Itong pangatlo na ‘to hindi natin ‘to magagawa kung yung first two hindi natin nagagawa. In order for us to be strengthen we need to do deeper things for God. Kasi dun niya makikita kung gaano tayo ka eager, kung gano tayo ka-tiyaga na manalo, namalampasan yung worse situations natin with a perfect response.

In verse 35, dyan natin makikita yung bunga ng ginawa ng mga Israelites. It says, “The LORD defeated Benjamin before Israel, and on that day the Israelites struck down 25,100 Benjamites, all armed with swords.” We as Leaders, dapat alam natin na in every battle, in every worse situations in our lives, yun yung best time to inquire Him kung ano yung dapat gawin. The best time to allow the people na may authority sa life natin to encourage and support us. And most of all, the best time na lumalim sa Word Niya at sa mga Gawain Niya. Just like the Israelites, we should do the same.. Kasi si God na bahala sa result all we have to do is to do our part.

~~~My SOL3 preaching in manuscript. 😀