My King Forever Jesus ChristΒ 
I will stay should the world by me fold, lift up Your Name as the darkness falls. I will wait and hold fast to Your Word, heart on Your heart and my eyes on Yours..

What’s behind #StayAndWait? There so many situations in my life na gusto ko nang takasan, people na gusto ko nang sukuan, mga bagay na ayaw ko nang gawin.. But in the end, sa kabila ng gusto kong pagsuko, God is always reminding me sa mga promises Niya as I continue to endure and persevere. Hindi naman talaga lahat ng bagay madali at basta-basta lang. Kaya I will continue to choose the right thing to do. Staying on the path where God wants me to be while waiting on His beautiful promises.

Kaya walang sukuan. πŸ™‚