It Was August 7.

Finally, another year to be thankful and grateful for. Today is my spiritual birthday, and I still remember how I ran to our house because I want to pray and say sorry to Him. How can I forget the most wonderful day of my life when all I know is to remember? Haha.

It was a sunny day sa campus namin, when our Professor share the greatest love story, how Jesus died on the cross to save me, how He suffer while thinking about me and that moment was first time na naramdaman ko kung ano yung totoong joy. πŸ™‚

I’m turning 24 now, and still the greatest day of my life is that 8 years ago with that girl longing for the perfect love.. That girl who cried in her room while praying because that perfect love finally found her.

Naks. Maka-english. πŸ˜€